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Dedicated to Customer Success by providing deep expertise in cyber-security, machine data acquisition, software development, product knowledge, analytics, and regional teams.

Secure Digital Technology And Solutions With Predictive Analytics

About Solar Digital

Solar Digital is the global organization responsible for InSight Platform™ technology and the relentless innovation of the entire ecosystem, capabilities and customer user experience.

We are obsessively customer-centric with a passion for cutting edge technology.

With deep expertise in machine data acquisition, cyber security, software development, OEM product knowledge, and big data analytics, our global teams proudly deliver the digital technology solutions that enable customer success.

The Solar Digital Ecosystem

InSight Platform™

InSight Platform is Solar’s technology foundation for service delivery. InSight Platform is an ecosystem of tools and capabilities for managing connected equipment. As a comprehensive, full stack, end-to-end technology solution, InSight Platform is purpose-built from data acquisition to the user interface and leverages real-time, raw and transformed data flows. The architecture allows for rapid development, integration and ideation to deliver cutting edge technology solutions. From secure data architecture to custom mobile interfaces, InSight Platform is designed to empower customers with OEM intelligence, proactive analytics and operational risk management tools.

Connected Product Service Programs

Solar offers multiple connected service programs to support our worldwide customers. These flexible service programs enable customers to assign the appropriate level of support based on their needs and machinery criticality. Solar’s support philosophy is to provide customers with the service support defined by their respective connected service program.

Equipment Health Management

Equipment Health Management (EHM) is Solar’s premier equipment service plan comprised of people, processes and technology. EHM is a fully managed, proactive service provided by an assigned Solar Fleet Manager. The proactive nature of EHM ensures customers maximize their machinery uptime while optimizing their overall ownership cost through condition-based maintenance and overhauls. Fleet Managers are available exclusively to support units covered under the Equipment Health Management service tier.

Technology Self Service

Technology Self Service (TSS) is a technology-only service. TSS empowers customers with the InSight Platform technology necessary to securely and independently manage machinery fleets with their own engineers and technical staff. TSS provides customers with a self-service technology tool suite to remotely monitor machine health and proactively diagnose equipment issues with in-house engineers and support staff. TSS units are supported by a local Solar District Office.


InSight Connect

InSight Connect is the foundational tier of Solar’s connected service programs. Like TSS, InSight Connect is a technology-only service. InSight Connect provides customers with a basic tool suite and dashboard, and allows the capability for remote field office response and support. InSight Connect units are supported by a local Solar District Office.


Digital Optimization For The Energy Industry

Oil & Gas – Power Optimization

Minimize your turbomachinery lifecycle costs and your carbon footprint. Operating with large, power spinning reserves wastes energy, increases operational costs, and generates excessive emissions. Power Optimization uses real-time cloud computing, OEM turbomachinery performance data and relevant weather statistics to dynamically optimize power production. When combined with Power Boost and/or Battery Energy Storage, customers can efficiently execute lean energy management without compromising the reliability of facility power.

Gas Transmission – Compression Optimization

Solar Turbines is one of the oldest and most successful centrifugal gas compressor OEMs in the world. To compliment Solar’s gas compressor business, Solar Digital has made significant investments in gas compression optimization and pipeline modeling technology. Hosted through InSight Platform, the Gas Compression Optimization app utilizes machine data and real-time compressor performance algorithms to optimize the operation of compression equipment along entire gas transmission pipelines.


Power Generation – Energy Optimization

Maximize your plant efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint by dynamically balancing CHP supply with energy markets and demand. Energy Optimization provides detailed remote visualizations of complete cogeneration plant operation, including energy profile, steam demand and energy forecasting. Energy Optimization uses economic models to provide realtime, data-driven recommendations for energy consumption, fuel conservation and overall energy management.

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