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Our foundation is our people. We value individual contributions and emphasize safety in all aspects of our business. When you join the Solar Turbines team, you become part of the family.

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We understand that different perspectives generate productivity, strong work culture, and a best-in-class business environment.

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Solar is a true global company with a workforce operating throughout the world supporting customers in more than 100 countries.

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Investing more than $1 million dollars annually, Solar supports initiatives in education, basic needs, STEM, engineering, manufacturing, workforce development and environmental causes.

We care about your success. Join Solar Turbines and find the right career for you!


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Stories of our team

Marco Leon

Marco Leon

Director of Solar Digital 

Paul Cameron

Founder and Digital Business Development & Strategy Manager

We would love to welcome you to Solar and the Solar Digital Team! Solar Digital is an innovative, highly motivated team that delivers technology-based solutions to enable customer success.

We are obsessively customer-centric creating awesome people, process and technology solutions to continually improve the Solar Turbines’ customer experience.

We provide deep expertise in cybersecurity, machine data acquisition, software design and development, product knowledge, and analytics. We love challenges and are developing solutions to optimize the efficiency of our energy solutions and reduce their carbon output. We value creative and diverse thought, collaboration and continuous improvement. We are looking for the best talent that is hungry, ambitious, and creative.

Together we can change the world for the better.  Join us to do great things!

Vici Will

Product Manager

I started my career at Solar Turbines in 2008 as an IT Systems Analyst. During these years, I was given the opportunity to join the Solar Digital team and expand my skillset by learning agile. Using my training, I accepted the role of Product Owner for multiple agile teams having members in San Diego, Slovakia, Switzerland and Spain. I then took on my current challenge of SAFe Product Manager within the Solar Digital team.

Why Solar Digital?
As a Product Manager, I have been fortunate enough to work with many incredibly talented agile teams and gain a wide view of Solar’s business and development projects. Solar is a diverse, global company, and working in Solar Digital, I have been given opportunities to work with people at all levels at Solar to drive innovative change and value for our customers. The best things about working in Solar Digital are the relationships I have developed and the sense of being one team. We are all in it together! Solar Digital has a true focus on the employee and is an organization that helps team members reach their highest potential. I am proud to work with such a dynamic and professional team.

Tomáš Huszágh

Software Engineering Manager & Head of IT Operations

During the study of mathematics and later economics at the Technical University of Košice, I got my first job in IT.

I started as a JAVA developer (thru desktop applications to web applications). Then I moved on to database and software development for the relevant databases. Software development is close to the architecture of Database Systems, as well as to technical design and IT management.
In 2014, I moved from Prague to San Diego – California, where I still work for Solar Turbines – specifically in the Solar Digital Group as Software Engineering Manager & Head of IT Operations.

Why Solar Digital? We are a successful group within a multinational organization in which we show the way to digitization. Although we are professionals, we are still one big community, and I always highlight this quality on similar issues. We break down stereotypes about classic IT projects, we strive for equality in working conditions, and even though we are a big company, we simply always find time for each other.

Frances Kemp

Data Architect and Supervisor

When I started at Solar Turbines Incorporated I had been working with data for about ten years. I was coming from a fast-paced biotech startup, and although I loved the energy and innovation of the startup, the rapid growth and constant changes were chaotic and stressful sometimes. When I started at Solar I was looking forward to a more stable work environment, but I was also worried that working in a large corporation would feel slow and boring to me. It turns out I didn’t need to worry about that!

Working in the Solar Digital team at Solar Turbines combines the best of both worlds; I now get to enjoy the dynamism and creativity of a tech startup AND I have the security and stability of working in a mature company that offers quality products and services to critical industries around the world.

I love working with an international team and I have made many friends in foreign offices. I am grateful I’ve had the opportunity to travel occasionally for work and learn about our customers, foreign offices and different cultures in the process.

Another aspect I appreciate about Solar Turbines is how this company fosters employee growth and development. For newcomers considering Solar Turbines, I can guarantee Solar Turbines management team genuinely cares about each team member and wants everyone to grow into their full potential. From tuition reimbursement and professional certifications to mentoring programs and frequent team building events, it is clear that we are more than just “headcounts” filling a role. I think this appreciation is one reason we have so many employees that have been with the company for ten, twenty and thirty years; with Solar Turbines’ support I think you really can achieve any career goal.

Kevin Simmons

Lead Release Train Engineer & Agile Manager

My entire career has been spent with software and hardware development companies such as gaming studios, sports entertainment groups and others, responsible for delivering on the product vision for the organization. In each situation, these groups followed the same blueprint of drinking from the hydrant, setting immovable deadlines and expecting long hours from employees.

So when I started working at Solar in 2017, I anticipated much of the same, but quickly realized Solar is not one of those companies. Yes, we focus on solving customer problems and delivering quality products to end users. Most companies claim to care about the culture of their organization, but are willing to compromise the mental and physical health of their employees, this is not Solar.

So why Solar?

Solar invests in the careers of their employees, furthering education and creating options for improving our way of life. Solar doesn’t offer daily free lunches or dry cleaning services to employees because Solar want you to go home and spend that time with your family. That’s what makes Solar special, the focus on people, process and technology, in that order.

Matt Subrin

Software Engineering Lead

I was working for CAT since 2006 and could not use all my skillset as it was more a traditional IT environment. In 2011, I have joined Solar Turbines in Switzerland and despite the fact it was still an IT context, it turned to be a totally different experience.

Solar Turbines was starting to consolidate new business opportunities for the monitoring/telemetry of the Turbomachinery. We were operating in a really stimulating environment where we had to find our own solutions and develop it from top to bottom.

The biggest benefits? To Have a chance to apply your own skillset to contribute to the company mission statement but also develop a whole new ones from many perspective such as technical inspired by the Team members or relational and leadership being mentored by engaged people.

Right in the middle of significant and ambitious digital transformation to establish Solar Digital on the top of the digital game as it is a race without finish line.

Get inspired by a dynamic and stimulating environment to deliver innovative and ambitious solutions surrounded by passionate team players and engaged leaders.

Get a spirit to always push the envelope and not being scared to dream big.

Stinson McElhinney

Stinson McElhinney

Global Technology Manager & Managing Director
Solar Turbines Slovakia s.r.o.

In 2006, I joined the InSight team with people that are still on the team today… Paul, Miguel, Roman, Pedro, and Jon Langely. It was a small, passionate group, we only had 100 units connected, and we batch processed diagnostic reports daily in Matlab Statistica.

Coming from a traditional IT environment, I quickly learned what it meant to be customer centric and the art of the possible.  In early 2011, I moved to Switzerland to set up a new business delivering global connectivity solutions, ensuring that we could always be connected to our customers, helping them be successful anywhere in the world.

My first trip to Kosice was in late 2013 with intentions to scale the software engineering organization.  First impressions…great people, beautiful city. 

Since then, we’ve made magic, and friends.   When I returned to San Diego in 2018, my goal was to plug back in to HQ, take the organization to the next level with a migration the cloud and build a more robust operating model.

Now, in 2021, I’m back in Europe and focused on creating a sustainable organization of engaged and talented people that are part of the Solar Turbines and Caterpillar family.

Why Solar Digital?
People matter… and because you can accomplish what you put your mind and energy towards.

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